Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day is coming and it is a great opportunity to save some serious moolah on baking essentials. If you're not an Amazon Prime member, click here for a FREE 30-Day trial. If you're already a member, you know how amazing these deals can be. Check out some of our favorite essentials below. Each image is clickable and will take you straight to Amazon.

Our favorite turn table and scrapers! We've had this for two years and it has endured excellently. The metal turntable is a game changer, don't be tempted by plastic ones.

The best large tips for cupcakes and cake borders. This set is only large tips and is the standard Wilton numbering, i.e. 1M, 2D, etc. Some piping sets use their own numbering system and don't have a way to identify them to universal sizes.

This set includes large and small tips and is great for multi-design cupcakes, writing, and other general decorating.

Bulk piping bags, I've never had one split...ever! These can be used for all variations of frostings/icings.

My favorite baking pans that have lasted me years and years. I make a majority of 6 and 8 inch pans but the variety is nice to have.

Love these silicone mats. They're great for cookies and macarons and are 40% off right now. I snagged a set last year and love them.

Non-seamed spatulas are my favorite. You can also use the brush for simple syrup on your goods if needed.

One of the few large beginner sets that I actually recommend.

Here me mixer is still going strong after TWENTY years. This is a good time to snag a great deal.

I DIED when I saw this set, each item is something you'd actually use while making cookies so it isn't a bunch of random junk (random junk is my worst nightmare lol).

I really like the idea of having a functional set that is all made for each other. If you're getting in to rolled cakes, cookies, or macarons this would be a great set to snag. It is #1 on my wish-list this year!!

Another great set of must-haves that is actually functional and includes items you'll consistently use.

I'll be real, I much prefer this kind of sifter over the handle squeeze kind that double sifts. I said it and I'm not sorry.

Happy Prime days everyone, may the odds be in your favor.

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