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> Our Beginner's Buttercream guide (free) is perfect if you're new to decorating and need help with anything buttercream related

>Maybe you're ready to up your decorating game and try an elegant rose cake, our full tutorial covers all buttercream and decorating aspects to guide you through the process to an amazing cake

>Ready to expand in to business? We have several courses for kicking off your business

Easy courses, full time support, permanent access. Come see how we can help you succeed in your baking endeavors.

How can we assist YOU?

Does baking feel overwhelming, complicated, or like never ending "Pinterest Fails"? If you feel confused about baking or never feel like it turns out how you want, we get it.

Imagine baking with ease and being supported so that your baking turns out better than ever. Your quality is amazing, everyone is happy, and you feel confident with what you're baking...isn't that the dream?!

Well, we are here to provide the tools, education, and access so that you can succeed in your baking endeavors. From learning to bake and decorating to opening your own business, we are here for YOU. Would you like a free baking/business consultation? Click the button below for a free call.

Meet Rachel

Rachel has been baking for over 20 years, running a successful home bakery for over 6 years, and is also a published cook book author. After spending time figuring things out the right way and progressing through trial and error, she has learned from those moments and turned them into successes instead of stumbling blocks. With her courses & coaching you will learn from a pro and get all of the tips and tricks from a lifetime of learning so that you can succeed QUICKLY. The courses are designed to save you time and money by comprehensively covering what you need to know and the techniques to achieve them! To further support our baking community, we also have an invite-only baking group led by Rachel with direct access to her with all of your baking questions.

How I can work for YOU

One-on-one coaching: Let's work together, personally, to improve in areas that you feel need help or are a weakness. This could be decorating, getting better results from your baking, or making your business run smoother and more effectively. Click here to learn more.

Courses: Maybe you're a self starter and need information first and aren't ready for coaching. That's ok! Our courses cover learning to bake, decorating techniques, and every step to running a successful home bakery. Click here to see our current course list.

Private Facebook Group: I run a free group for bakers at any level. I post tips, techniques, and demonstrations as well as provide general support for bakers. If you're new to baking and not sure where you want to end up, or if you're a hobby baker, this group is for YOU. Click here to join my group.

Your Baking Coach

If you like more one-on-one work and don't need an entire baking or business course, then coaching is for you. I can help you prepare for big events, work on specific areas of concern, teach new techniques to help you succeed, and troubleshoot with you to bring your baking goals to life. This personalized work will be encouraging and goal-oriented. Our packages currently come in 90 day capsules, meeting twice per month with unlimited email support in between calls.

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